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Run the monthly Board meeting
Provide Board meeting Agenda
Collaborate and assist other Directors as needed
Help maintaining website
Register/Check-in meeting attendees
Locate venues for meetings and trainings
Promote the chapter’s events via personal profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+
Participate in QAI Event as permitted


 Run board and member meetings in the President’s absence
 Assist other board members, when needed
 Promote the chapter’s events
 Other duties as assigned


The watchdog over all aspects of financial management with the TCQAA. The treasurer works closely with the Board and Chairs to safeguard the organization's finances. If we spend a dollar, I account for it and appropriately allocate the spend for taxes and maintaining our non-profit/association status with the State of MN. At any point in time I may be providing financial reporting to the board, interacting with the bank, bookkeeping, record keeping, control of fixed and non-fixed assets, and stock portfolio management and distribution.


Record minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors
Publish minutes
Maintain the TCQAA Bylaws
    Managing membership attendance
    Sending out event and payment reminders.
    Promoting TCQAA via Social Media (LinkedIn).
    Answer Membership questions.
    Coordinate and plan networking outings.
    Assisting Treasury with invoicing and handling petty cash.
    Work closely with Program Chair and Treasurer as needed.


    Survey members as needed to determine presentation topics and training events of interest
    Solicit presentations from potential speakers
    Select speakers for monthly presentations
    Obtain presentation and logistic information
    Promote presentations via LinkedIn, TCQAA website, and email campaigns
    Gather feedback and conduct satisfaction surveys as needed


    Setting up new web site pages
    Administration and maintenance of TCQAA website
    Updating TCQAA email aliases Updates with member email ids and purge inactive members
    Posting the paid job postings
    Miscellaneous web related issue resolution


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